I cannot access my site! Are your servers down ?

Before you submit a support ticket please check the following:

1. Are you able to access other internet websites on the internet?

2. Have your domain nameservers only been changed recently (domain propagation takes up to 72 hours to complete)?

3. Check your domain's nameservers, and make sure that they are configured correctly. Your nameservers are provided in your welcome email from ModHost ("DNS Instructions" section).

4. Check your domain's availability from different world locations on Alertra's spotcheck to see if it reports problems:


(Enter your domain in the field at the top of the page and click "Check")

If Alertra's spotcheck shows no problems the issue is likely to be ISP related or local to your internet connection and/or settings.

5. Check the "News & Announcements" ("My News") in the client area. If the server becomes unreachable our system administration team reacts immediately to rectify the issue (all server are monitored from 3 different locations). We usually post an announcement within 5-30 minutes of the outage.

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