Supported / Unsupported Services

Do your servers support Dreamweaver ? 

Yes. Since Dreamweaver uses FTP functionality to upload and synchronize web files it is natively supported on our servers. 

Do you offer telnet/SSH access ?

No. We do not grant telnet/SSH access because of security and privacy risks to other clients. 

Do your servers support ImageMagick ? 

Yes. ImageMagick is available on our servers.

Do you support Java Applets and JavaScript ?

Our service supports all client-side languages including Java Applets and JavaScripts. 

Do you support JSP (Java Servlets) ?


Do you support Cold Fusion, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Visual Interdev, VBScript, IIS, or Active Server Pages (ASP) ?

We currently provide a Unix-only hosting solution. Due to technological limitations these technologies are restricted to Windows platforms only and are not supported by our servers. We do however support many popular alternatives to the above such as MySQL, PHP, Perl and many others. 

Is PostgreSQL available ? 

Due to the low demand we do not offer PostgreSQL database access. We do however offer MySQL database access which is similar to PostgreSQL. 

Is Flash/ swf supported?


Do I get a dedicated IP address ? 

Due to the world shortage of IP addresses, we do not provide a dedicated IP for each account (Almost all web hosting providers do not provide a dedicated IP nowadays). 

Do you support IMAP ?

Yes, IMAP is supported on our servers.

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