Why am I still seeing an empty directory screen even after uploading all my pages ?

There may be two reasons why this is the case:

Your main page must be named index.html. If your main page is not named index.html, all you need to do is rename it to index.html and then upload it again. 

You may have uploaded your webpages to the wrong folder on the server. All of the files associated with your website must be placed in the "public_html" folder .

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Where do I upload my files ?

You will receive a username and password for your account in your welcome email from ModHost....

Can I upload files via an online file manager ?

Yes. Login to your Control Panel (http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel/) and select "File Manager".

How do I upload my files before my domain name has propagated ?

Just use a temporary IP-based address ( format: xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ) instead of ftp.yourdomain.com ....

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