What are my MySQL database settings?

Q: I am installing a MYSQL script, and the software is asking for the following information:

1) MySQL Server (host or ip):
2) MySQL Username: 
3) Password: 

Can you please help me identify these values?

A: Before you enter this information you need to create a database on your account using your Cpanel control panel:


(Please read the "MySQL databases" section in the document above)

Make sure to add database user to the database once you create both in Cpanel.

Once the database / database user are correctly created and setup you can proceed to your script's installation and enter the required details:

MySQL host: localhost (or you can enter your primary domain name)
MySQL Database Name: the name of the database you created in Cpanel (format: "accountusername_databasename" )
MySQL Database Username: your database user's username (format: "accountusername_databaseuser")
MySQL Database Password: the password you selected when creating database user (not your account's main password)
MySQL Database Table Prefix: accountusername_

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